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Landsea Homes closes on 113 homesites for a new community in Apopka
Landsea Homes' collection of single-family homes in the new Oak View master-planned community is expected to range from 1,600 to 3,500 square feet on 55-foot lots.
Study: Gentrification and increased property values follow hurricanes
Study co-author and Resources for the Future fellow Yanjun "Penny" Liao said they found home prices in hurricane-ravaged areas are 5% higher on average than in unaffected ones
What is the new normal for buying and selling homes?
Yes, the year-to-year percentage increase and home sales have also slowed. The inventory of houses on the market has increased, and depending on location and price range, you can find very nice listings.
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5 Ways Florida Landowners can Make Money on their Property this Year
It's not uncommon for people to think they need to sell their land again for a profit to make money from it. But there are many ways you can use your land to generate income without selling it.
Florida homeowners flooded by Ian don’t have to tell new buyers about the disaster’s damage
Florida is one of 21 states that does not require home sellers to notify their buyers that the house has flooded before.
AAA providing insurance advice for Florida residents impacted by Hurricane Ian
AAA is mobilizing hundreds of insurance claims professionals from around the country to begin processing claims throughout Florida as soon as it's safe to do so.
Demings calls for Congress to protect Florida families from storm-related evictions
The bill would provide stability for renters and homeowners during future federally declared natural disasters by implementing an eviction/foreclosure moratorium.
What will housing prices be a year from now?
If we agree that 2000 to 2008 was a bubble, one where prices peaked in 2006 at 84% above the baseline, then where are we now? Prices are 208% of the baseline.  
New massive mixed use/residential development on Kelly Park Road brings mixed opinions on local social media
How big is too big? How much housing is too much housing? How should growth in Apopka be managed? Those are all big questions in this community, and news of a massive new mixed-use/housing project …
Once a retiree’s paradise, Florida’s getting pricey
In 2020, the median price for a house in The Villages was $283k. Today, you’re looking at $402k. Today, roughly one-fifth of the state is 65 and older.
Why is rent skyrocketing?
In the past year, nearly every essential good or service has escalated in price. But hikes in rent, typically the biggest monthly expense, have hit especially hard.
How does the foreclosure rate in Florida compare to other states?
Demand for single-family homes surged in the past two years as the coronavirus pandemic prompted people to look for more living space.
Lease-to-own agreements are blowing up
Lease-to-Own is a model that allows customers to make a monthly lease payment, with a portion of it going toward owning the property.