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Breaking News: Becker wins Apopka Seat #3 special election
Kyle Becker, a former commissioner who just 167 days ago lost a mayoral election, bounced back today with a resounding victory over political newcomer Lynetta Johnson to return to the Apopka City Council.
‘Together we can do anything’: Demings secures Democratic nomination to face off against Rubio
U.S. Rep. Val Demings has secured the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat and will continue her campaign to unseat Republican Marco Rubio in November. 
Becker vs. Johnson, Florida House District 39, and the Orange County Commission District 2 races highlight a busy slate of elections
Today, we will learn who will be the next Apopka City Commissioner, compete to represent us in Tallahassee, and emerge in the Orange County Commission.
The legacy of Billie Dean should be off limits to politicians
When campaigning crosses the threshold of respect and becomes disrespectful, ALL CITIZENS should be concerned.
Creating a renaissance at Orange County’s Magnolia Park
An Eco-Education center, fishing pier, dock, pavilion, and shaded playground designed for children of differing abilities are just some of what you’ll find at Magnolia Park.
Eco-Friendly Infrastructure Development
Greetings to the residents of District 2, my name is Sandra Fatmi-Hall, and I’m running to be your next Orange County District 2 Commissioner.

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Fundraising: Former commissioner donates to Becker campaign
The 2022 Primary/Election Day is fast approaching, and candidates in three key races for Apopka voters are sharpening their messages and looking to August 23rd.
Some 40 years ago, Florida elected its first woman to U.S. Senate. Will Val Demings be the second?
It’s been about four decades since a Florida woman — Republican Paula Hawkins of the Orlando area — was elected to the U.S. Senate for one term.
Bankson is ready for the fight to represent Apopka in the Florida Legislature
Yes, the election season is upon us, and we are in the thick of things as volleys fly and plots thicken. The nation itself is still in shock at the unprecedented late-night raid on a former president.
Make a plan to vote; here's why you should
I’m urging you to make a plan to vote in this upcoming primary and general elections. It’s imperative that you exercise your right to vote and let your voice be heard.
Conduct unbecoming a candidate: Johnson crosses a line and the race for Seat #3 gets ugly
In the Apopka City Commission Seat #3 special election, the tension apparently smoldered for two days after the debate until it escalated into a five-alarm fire.
Developing Story: Johnson raises racial allegations against Becker on social media
Apopka social media is currently embroiled in a surprising accusation leveled by Lynetta Johnson against former Apopka Commissioner Kyle Becker
Charting A Pathway Forward for Orange County’s District 2
Greetings to the Residents of Apopka, to some this is an introduction and to others this is simply a reminder. My name is Sandra Fatmi-Hall and I’m running to be your next Orange County …
Magnolia Park is re-opening next week
The renovation project at Magnolia Park started with funding years ago, and now park goers will enjoy a fantastic new pier, brand new bathrooms, an eco-education center, an inclusive playground, and more.
Bankson, Becker, and Moore prevail in Apopka Hob Nob Straw Poll
Election season got underway Tuesday night at the Apopka Community Center with the Apopka Political Hob Nob sponsored by the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce.
The value of comprehensive planning
The Vision 2050 Plan will be implemented over the next few years. It focuses on place-making standards and context-based regulations.
Chamber meeting between Seat #3 candidates scrutinized on social media
The Apopka Voice can confirm that a meeting took place between Manley, Dumey, Johnson, and Mock in attendance at the Chamber office at approximately 9 am on Friday, June 3rd.
Can Orange County's District 2 become a development haven?
Orange County's District 2 is facing a development issue where there is a demand for businesses and commercial residential development.
Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association endorses Bankson in State House District 39 election
The Central Florida Hotel and Lodging Association’s (CFHLA) PAC and PC announced additional endorsements for the 2022 election cycle. This bipartisan slate includes endorsements for candidates …
Florida’s primary is just around the corner: What you need to know for voter registration
With the Florida primary election soon underway, it’s time for readers to get serious and know some key things to ensure Floridians are registered and can vote.
Candidates positioning themselves in fundraising for the stretch run
The 2022 Primary/Election Day is fast approaching, and candidates in three key races for Apopka voters are sharpening their messages and expanding their fundraising efforts.