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Speak loud and clear on Tuesday South Apopka
The Apopka City Council will hold its second workshop on annexing South Apopka at the John H. Bridges Community Center in South Apopka today from 4-6 pm.
In a dramatic 3-2 vote, the City Council moves Apopka into a new era of economic development
It took over six years, four election cycles, a couple of presentations, and a late-night City Council meeting, but Apopka finally took the first step in creating an economic development department.
Will an inspiring leader like MLK and a relentless elected official like LBJ emerge in South Apopka's pursuit of annexation into Apopka?
Yesterday, we honored the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the 14th Annual Apopka MLK Parade, which travels through the streets of Apopka and South Apopka on its way to the John Bridges Center.  

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Nesta: "We must be mindful of how our future looks, not just five years from now but 25 years and beyond"
Development within the City of Apopka has seen all-time highs within the last few years. Between the new multi-family projects throughout the City and the creation of the Kelly Park Interchange.
Mayor Nelson: It's time to listen, and take action
No elected official is immune to criticism. It goes with the territory. Sometimes you need to shrug it off and keep moving forward. And sometimes you need to listen.
It was a bad day for Apopka
There has been a developing story the past couple of weeks involving the Apopka Fire Department - a familiar place for controversy as of late.
In order to guarantee a successful City Center, Apopka needs an economic development department
Let's pretend, for a moment, that Apopka hired a "City Center Director" in 2016. Their sole purpose was to develop and recruit businesses for the Apopka City Center.
Secret meeting between Mayor Nelson, city officials and Rock Springs Ridge HOA shocks City Commission
At the December 7th Apopka City Council meeting, Nelson was just seconds from gavelling to a close a marathon 4.5-hour affair when Commissioner Nick Nesta asked a surprising question.
South Apopka Annexation Workshop: The first of many conversations
The topic of annexing the southern unincorporated portion of Apopka into the City has been an ongoing discussion for many years. It has also been a topic in many of our elected officials’ campaigns.
South Apopka Annexation: If the true goal is "One Apopka", we have work to do
Thank you, Mayor and Commissioners, for holding this meeting about the Annexation of "South Apopka".  It is a good start, however, we have more work to do.
City Commissioners: In order to move the annexation of South Apopka forward, remember that four is greater than one
This is the best opportunity to move this generational issue closer to the end zone than it has ever been before. Do not let one single vote on City Council carry the day.
Will Becker's return change the balance of power on the City Council
After a mayoral election loss in March, a vacated commission seat in April, and a special election victory in August, Becker returns to occupy Seat #3 in November.
In 2022, vote against anti-semitism
The Anti-Defamation League tracked 2,717 antisemitic incidents nationwide in 2021, a 34 percent rise from 2020 to more than seven antisemitic incidents per day.