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For the love of an old tree

When I first climbed a tree, I was no bigger than a wart on a toad’s behind. It was one of those strange moments in life when curiosity overruled common sense.
The formidable power of true friendship
The only way the tiger had a chance was if he could separate the buffaloes and attack them when they were alone, and so it is with true friends; as long as we stand together, we are almost invincible.
The Flavor of friendship
Some fruits are sweet, like sweet cherries, and some are pucker-up sour.  Some are delicious, like delicious golden apples. Yes, so many kinds, types, and varieties.
Apopka's Breast Cancer Supply Center moving to new location
The Breast Cancer Supply Center is a non-profit organization seeking to support women who have been diagnosed with this all-too-common cancer.

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Monday's parade honors the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and makes a call to come together
A call for unity will lead the way Monday afternoon in South Apopka when the 14th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. parade commences at 2 pm.
Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.: 5 things I’ve learned curating the MLK Collection at Morehouse College
Few archives of historical papers compare with the importance of the Morehouse King Collection. Aside from King’s life, the collection chronicles many major events during the civil rights movement.
The mysterious language of cats...
Say you are sound asleep one dark night when suddenly, with no warning whatsoever, your  sweet kitty is screaming like a banshee in your good ear!
A lesson on how not to treat your friends
There was that time I went canoe-camping for about two weeks in the upper peninsula of Michigan with some friends.  The first few days were wonderful. 
It’s Time for New Beginnings: 8 Things Most People Contemplate
If you’re feeling called to make some big changes in your life, you’re not alone. Here are eight things you may want to contemplate as you embark on your journey into 2023.
The meaning of "The Cat's Meow"
    A friend of mine, we'll call him Larry, is possessed by a very large yellow tom cat appropriately named 'Beast.' A much-loved pet, Beast, can get away with almost anything. 
A young man after God's own heart
Nineteen years old, and not afraid to give a beautiful prayer of testimony to Jesus and His great love. Sean is his name, and he plays University football on a business scholarship.
The Christmas tree is a tradition older than Christmas
Why, every Christmas, do so many people endure the mess of dried pine needles, the risk of a fire hazard, and impossibly tangled strings of lights?
Local businessman giving 12 Apopka families $1,000 during 12 Days of Christmas
Central Florida businessman Chris Delgado is giving back to the community. Delgado, an Apopka resident, has partnered with local schools and non-profits to give away thousands of dollars.
Toy Sale: Hope CommUnity Center needs your help
For 46 years, Hope CommUnity Center has held a Toy Sale. We accept donations of new, unwrapped toys, price them at 25 cents to the dollar, and invite the community to shop.