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How to be your cat's best friend

We arrogantly imagine that we possess the cat.  The cat, purring all the while, knows the truth of the matter, that in reality, we belong to him. While a cat appears to be sleeping it is observing everything in its environment.
A busy week for Re-Imagine Communities
First, Re-Imagine Communities attended the Apopka Mayor's Prayer Breakfast. It was our first time at the event, and we were impressed by the entire program.
Great Horned Owl vs. Man
My life as a professional small boy, zoo director, and wildlife photographer, has been anything but dull. In fact, it might be said that my survival thus far has been nothing less than miraculous.
Re-Imagine Communities sponsoring Apopka Area Student Awards Ceremony
But this is more than just planting gardens. It’s about being positive, helping others, standing up to bullies, treating others with respect, kindness, and love.
Hope CommUnity Center sponsoring month-long food drive for families with young children
The Hope CommUnity Center is sponsoring a food drive all month (May 2nd through June 3rd) to aid families with young children that are losing their free lunch and food support.
It ain't all that bad, is it?
Yes, bad things happen to good people; and they even happen to folks like you and me. How else do you explain a toothache, a hangnail, a splinter under a fingernail, or an exciting and most stimulating case of...
Orlando Magic Youth Foundation awards $50,000 grant to Apopka's Hope CommUnity Center
The Hope CommUnity Center was awarded a $50,000 grant from the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation to support the Hear Our Stories Program, which exposes young people to different art mediums and helps them understand how art can be used to make the world a better place.

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iPromise: Over 40 businesses and community members take the pledge in Apopka
The iPromise Garden project has taken Apopka by storm, starting with famous TikTok personality and gardening enthusiast Marcus Bridgewater, @gardenmarcus, taking the pledge.
Pause and consider your life: Adventure and blessing are always there, when you have eyes to see and ears to hear
It has been my distinct privilege to see some strange and wonderful things in my lifetime of wandering in the forests and streams of our land.  I have fallen out of trees, had fish hooks …
Unbridled Courage: The story of Apopka's Angela Jackson and Equus Life Coaching
Jackson's program has led to residents across Florida finding themselves a safe place to work through their hardships. For the 53,000 people who call Apopka home, this ranch may be the perfect place to saddle up for their next adventure.
Take the pledge Apopka to advance equity and empower the underserved
Re-imagine Communities is on a mission to advance equity by empowering the underserved and at-risk youth of Central Florida, with a large focus in Apopka. Through mentoring and coaching, education …
What is the true meaning of Easter?
Easter is a holiday that celebrates the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. After his crucifixion, death, and burial, three days later, He rose from the grave. By this, He conquered death and redeemed us from sin.
The difference between levity and lying
There are some folks that look upon lying the same way they do levity. But when we hear a tall tale, we know it. So what makes the difference?
Hope Community Center receives $45,500 grant from two organizations
The Hope CommUnity Center has received a $45,000 grant for the 2022 Movement and Power Building Grant and a $500 grant from Healing Justice Funds.
The passion and the beauty: why Easter music will send a shiver up your spine
Easter has captured the imagination of composers through the ages – not least because the Church was one of the few steady employment options available for composers for centuries.
Take on child abuse; join the Manicure Movement
April is recognized as Child Abuse Prevention Month. Embrace Families, the lead nonprofit agency overseeing child welfare in Orange County, is hosting a number of educational events to raise awareness and promote advocacy.
Snake Bite!
The most vulnerable time in a snake's life is when it is preparing to cast off its old skin.  During this shedding time the snake loses its usual glossy sheen and becomes pale and dull.
Finding hope in times of trouble
Exploring the theme of “real hope” resonates with many who feel hopeless in the face of relentlessly bad news and mounting problems.
Girl Power: Apopka Historical Society honors the women that lead the community
The Apopka Historical Society closed out Women's History Month last week with a tribute to female leaders in Orange County and Apopka. The event, entitled: "Girl Power: Promoting Hope"
And God whispers...
The couple owned this bag of bones mule that was getting a little long in the tooth... having seen its better days sometime in the previous millennium.
The unsinkable Diane Velazquez
Molly Brown was an American socialite and philanthropist in the early 20th century. Brown spent the first months of 1912 in Paris, visiting her daughter until she received word from Denver that …
How MacKenzie Scott’s $12 billion in gifts to charity reflect an uncommon trust in the groups she supports
MacKenzie Scott disclosed on March 23, 2022, that she had given US$3.9 billion to 465 nonprofits in the previous nine months, bringing the total she has given away in the past two years to at least $12 billion.