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Have you ever considered the miracle... of you?

Think about it for a moment. You are a miracle. What do I mean by that? Well, when you consider it, many people are on planet earth.
How to be your cat's best friend
When a cat is located up on the top of a tree, the first reaction is for folks to run to call the fire department.
Who is the hidden Jesus in today's world?
I started right at the beginning of Matthew, and read without much thought until I got to Matthew 25:31 - The Sheep and the Goats parable.
Reprograming the Heart: If I can do it so can you
As important as it is to “reprogram the mind,” how much more important is it that we REPROGRAM THE HEART?
Bragging Rights!
When I was a little boy kid, and I caught a big fish, it was something to brag about. But not anymore.  Today, fisher-persons use fish finders.
Now that is fun...
I must admit that most of the things I have done were predicated on one deciding factor: is it going to be fun?
The treasure worth searching out
There were three of them in the gang, two men and a woman. Word was that they had successfully robbed several banks in Illinois.

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We praise people as ‘Good Samaritans,’ but there’s a complex history behind the phrase
“Good Samaritan” is a label often used to describe someone acting selflessly to benefit others, even if a total stranger.
The power of love
What does it take to change a man’s heart? Dave Daniels (not his real name) was what the world would call a man’s man.  And it took the power of love to help him step fully into what that meant.
Finding identity at the Hope CommUnity Center
This summer, Apopka’s Hope Community Center officially began its LGBTQ+ immigrant rights program to support members of both the queer and immigrant communities.
How to overcome the onset of "Caregiver Burnout"
The demands placed upon the caregiver are so persistent, so, "IN YOUR FACE!" that it is only to be expected to want to "escape into a good book" or something equally distracting.
To better understand Alzheimer's, try this
Confusion, fear, bewilderment, doubt. - these are just a few of the issues that go to destroy the life of the victim of Alzheimer’s disease.
Oh, how I love my Nancy!
I have celebrated 88 birthdays so far in my somewhat crazy and wild life, and to be honest with you, they just keep getting sweeter and sweeter with each passing year.
Most babies are as ugly as misbegotten toads!
What is it about people thinking their babies are beautiful?Babies aren’t beautiful; they are all red and wrinkled and squiggly like they could have been painted during your uncle Salvador …
Some profound and wonderful things I have learned as a sojourner on planet earth
I don't know where you are on your own journey - but I hope some of these  "things learned" can either save you a bit of heartache, or at least lessen the ache of your heart, and maybe even...
Are we living the caged life?
It was many years ago that several teenage boys invaded a community zoo in the Midwest one dark night and decided to release some of the animals.   I was always thankful that none of the big …
What does it mean to be a 'true' Christian?
The first time that I read St. Augustine’s profound injunction, “Love God and do anything that pleases you,” the words struck my somewhat orthodox mind as being contradictory. 
Back on the streets of Apopka after pandemic pause
While the organization is not yet back to knocking on doors, local congregations have also resumed free in-person Bible studies along with personal visits to those who have invited them back to their homes. 
Can a dog lover become a cat lover?
I come from a long line of dog-loving, cat haters.  My daddy hated cats and his daddy before him. I was very disappointed the time I saw daddy holding one of mama’s cats in his lap and loving on the beast. 
A Father's love: From wee babe to beyond
Once upon a time a young man met a young woman, and they dove into love. As is the custom of young men and young women everywhere, the young man and the young woman, after a suitable time, took the Lord’s council to heart and began to be fruitful and multiply.
Grumbling, squawky and stodgy; the plight of the Wood Stork
Back on the dying pond, the herons have been joined by three wood storks and soon two more.  And immediately, the wood storks endeavor to take the pond over like a bunch of gangsters.
What is a tree?
When I was a little boy pup, we kept the home fires burning by using wood as fuel, elm and oak mostly, so most of the trees we hacked down weren't wasted.