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Florida Senate Agriculture Committee meets as citrus production continues to decline
Wednesday’s meeting came less than a month after the U.S. Agriculture Department showed in a report that orange production in Florida was down 29% from an October forecast.
Protect law enforcement officers on the road - move over
While the majority of drivers understand to pull over for emergency vehicles approaching from behind, state law also requires vehicles to move over a lane for certain emergencies.
Florida Senate okays billion dollar insurance industry subsidy, limits policyholders’ lawsuit rights
The Florida Legislature insurance reforms — which would give the carriers another $1 billion subsidy passed the Florida Senate.
Legislature approves discount toll program for frequent commuters only; but it’s only for a year
The initiative – a toll relief program that would be offered from Jan. 1, 2023, through Dec. 31, 2023 – would only benefit frequent commuters using Florida’s prepaid toll program.
On top of homeowner premiums, policyholders could face a new tab coming soon: Flood insurance
Public officials said that the intention of this week’s special session in the Capitol was to bring “real relief and the relief on the part of homeowners and not just insurance companies.”
Special session opens Monday on troubled property insurance market: Will reforms work long term?
Insurers and the larger business community would get virtually everything they want under legislation proposed for the Legislature’s special session on that topic and trial attorneys would …
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Some hard truths about Florida companies selling water softeners
Florida, you may have heard, is a sunny place for shady people. We’ve had that reputation ever since the first grinning huckster sold an acre of swampland to an unsuspecting Yankee.
Florida groups add momentum to extending child tax credit
Government funding is set to expire on December 16th without a continuing resolution to continue existing budgets and programs into the new year.
White House, FEMA extend relief for Ian destruction; Fried wants bonuses for 911 operators
The time period for 100 percent federal funding for those efforts has been extended for another 15 days, through Dec. 7, according to the White House press release.
Add auto insurance to the increasing costs of living in Florida
Florida lawmakers are scheduled to return to Tallahassee soon for another special session to deal with the state’s property insurance crisis. But it’s not just homes and condos.
Florida Department of Transportation recognizes Crash Responder Safety Week
The weeklong observance recognizes traffic incident responders' critical role in saving lives and keeping traffic moving on Florida’s roadways.
Bankson leaves the Apopka City Council for the Florida Legislature with a six-year legacy of grace and composure
The newly-formed Florida House District 39 is a rare battleground in state elections. Unlike most districts in Florida, SH-39 is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.
Tiffany Hughes dives head first into the District 39 election
According to voter rolls, District 39 will be a battleground where the number of registered Democrat and Republican voters is about even. There aren't a lot of those in Florida.
Ballot initiative: Homestead property tax exemptions for teachers, cops, others, but at what cost?
Florida voters could offer significant property tax exemptions to Florida’s teachers, firefighters, and active-duty members of the U.S. military.
FDOT: First month of SunPass savings passed on to drivers
Last week, the first toll credits of the SunPass Savings program were posted to customer accounts. For September, 361,000 drivers saved a total of $4.3 million.
Flesh-eating bacteria found in Florida after Hurricane Ian
When Hurricane Ian blasted Florida with Category 4 intensity, it brought with it gale force winds and massive flooding, but no one expected a flesh-eating virus.