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SEO-audit is the Foundation of Successful Site Promotion


Quality content and competent promotion of a website are key to future success. However, despite the effort and money invested, often small mistakes or shortcomings can spoil the overall impression. This leads to reduced conversions, as well as the inability to achieve the desired result. Server proxy socks5 Indonesia and SEO audit will help to avoid this by providing a comprehensive analysis of indicators that will demonstrate the relevance of the chosen promotion strategy and become the basis for further optimization of the resource.

Why do you need site analysis?

To understand the feasibility of certain actions, and most importantly, to set the vector of site development, you need constant monitoring of all indicators. A comprehensive inspection is required in the following cases:

  • Users visit the pages, but the percentage of orders is minimal. The reason is often hidden in slow loading, inconvenient order forms, or other technical problems that cause potential customers to go to competitors.
  • You need to evaluate the results of the promotion. Promotion should be effective not only in words - detailed statistics demonstrate the actions of visitors, as well as provide an opportunity to assess the loyalty of search engines.
  • An advertising campaign should be launched. With the right setup, Google Ads will pay for itself, but you'll need to fix the bugs first.

SEO audits should be conducted regularly. Constant monitoring of indicators, and most importantly, immediate response to changes will maintain the popularity of the resource and receive a stable response from customers.

Internal SEO audit

Site analysis is a task for a whole team of marketers, designers, and SEO specialists. Careful study and optimization of already published textual or graphic materials, elaboration of shortcomings, elimination of errors, and filling the resource with useful expert information are the basic tasks facing specialists. Search algorithms are constantly being improved, so you need to constantly "keep an eye on the pulse", staying in trend and optimizing the resource by the updates of algorithms and current trends. A comprehensive internal audit will identify the following errors:

  • Lack of keywords in the title or description, too long or, conversely, too short meta tags;
  • Incorrect page hierarchy on the page, which will affect the perception of information by users and the assessment of content quality by search algorithms;
  • Low uniqueness of materials published on the site;
  • Excessive or insufficient use of queries, and errors in compiling the semantic core, which leads to sanctions from search engines.

Specialists should analyze the technical part, semantics, and other characteristics, which will allow you to make the most detailed report. A good report will describe in detail all the shortcomings, as well as recommendations for correcting errors. It is important to understand that an internal audit is mainly an assessment of the level of customer satisfaction, which directly affects the demand for goods or services sold. The quality of content and compliance with basic requirements play a key role in this issue, which is why constant monitoring of indicators is so important.

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