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Apopka's biggest headlines of 2021

Part Five: Becker, Nelson running for mayor in 2022


It was an eventful year, and The Apopka Voice was there every step of the way to provide you with the news and analysis you needed on the important issues facing Apopka residents.

This week, we will review the news year that was 2021. Some of the stories were one-day events, while many others were ongoing throughout the year. But instead of simply re-publishing the story, we'll go a little deeper and provide all of the articles related to that issue so that you better understand the impact they had on Apopka, and how they will evolve heading into 2022.

The fifth part of the series features articles written about the upcoming mayoral election between incumbent Bryan Nelson and his challenger, Commissioner Kyle Becker.

We hope you enjoy the look back.

Becker vs. Nelson: The race to be mayor of Apopka

On March 25th, Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson confirmed he would run for re-election in 2022. It did not come as a great surprise. Nelson stormed into office with over 63% of the vote in 2018. Kyle Becker, a two-term city commissioner in Apopka, announced on August 5th that he would challenge Nelson for the center seat on the City Council. Here are some of the stories The Apopka Voice has published about the race in 2021.

Nelson confirms he will run for re-election in 2022

Originally published March 25th.

Is Becker running for Mayor of Apopka?

Originally published March 30th.

Election 2022: Will Becker cross the Rubicon?

Originally published April 8th.

Breaking News: Kyle Becker running for Mayor of Apopka in 2022

Originally published August 5th.

The Race to be Mayor: Becker and Nelson differ on almost every subject

Originally published October 26th.

Nelson: "We've got the financial house in order"

Originally published October 29th.

Data-driven, fact-based preparation is the cornerstone of Becker's leadership style

Originally published October 29th.

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