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Oh, how I love my Nancy!


The 28th of July is a very good date!!

You might well ask, “Why is the 28th of July  a good date?”, so I will tell you. The reason the 28th of July is a very good date is it just happens to be my birthday!

I have celebrated 88 birthdays so far in my somewhat crazy and wild life, and to be honest with you, they just keep getting sweeter and sweeter with each passing year.

The reason my birthdays keep getting sweeter and sweeter is mostly my wife’s fault.

Yeppir, blame it all on her! And that beautiful smile of hers, too!

I mean, when Nancy smiles at me, my life, no matter how crazy things might appear at the moment, suddenly gets brighter, sweeter, and more worth the living.

To hear me talk about Nan, you might get the idea that I am in love. And if that is your conclusion - you are right!

Yep, I love my lady!

Some folks express their love with a gift such as diamonds, others with flowers, others with chocolates. But I give the only thing I can - the one thing my darling appreciates more than anything else - myself.

Each day, when I walk into her room at the nursing home, when she sees me, she bathes me with that beautiful smile, throws her hands in the air, and exclaims, “O, it's my darling!”  And my life is full.

Boy, how lucky can a guy get!

Dear Papa God, thank you for a long and good life, and a wonderful wife!  Help the men that I know to love their ladies as you love them.  Give each of us an undying and sweet love for our ladies, forever!  In Jesus' sweet name we ask it, Amen

Charles Towne
Charles Towne

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  • SandyG

    Beautiful love is truly a blessing from God

    Thank you for sharing,

    Sandy Giorella

    Sunday, July 31 Report this

  • Charles

    SandyG, I am so glad that you enjoyed this brief but intimate glimpse into our life together. She is such a joy! Bless you dear friend, Chaz

    Sunday, July 31 Report this

  • MamaMia

    Well, Happy Birthday, Mr. Towne, and many many more to come! Actually, Happy Belated Birthday, as I just read your writing today. Best wishes!

    Sunday, July 31 Report this

  • Charles

    Mama MiaI thank you so much! May our Holt friend bless you always! Chaz

    Monday, August 1 Report this

  • OlderBro

    I Know I Know I Know Charles !!!

    I guarantee GOD you're talking with your Soul and your Heart !!! HE knows, course.

    And I must write down This !!! The Most and Delicious Medicine Nanny receives is YOU !!! YES, You Charles. 'Cause being with Her all days all times, against everything, GOD gives You the that LOVE is one of the most wonderful relief in Life.

    Your Life is Blessed with your Amazing SugarCookie.

    To my Little Brother, GOD'S Brother, Charles !!!

    Monday, August 1 Report this

  • Charles

    Oler Bro, mi amigo, you will never see the day that you are older than I am! My sweet Nancy blesses my every day, how rich I am. Thank you pal, Chaz

    Monday, August 1 Report this