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How to Finish Your Homework and Be More Productive


How to finish your homework

You’ll face different hurdles throughout various levels of schooling, but one thing seems to remain a constant struggle throughout - homework.

You might not like it, but you’re not gonna get very far without doing your assignments, at any point! This means, no matter how unpleasant it seems, you have to get yourself to buckle down and do the work.

Now, the best way to finish your homework is - as soon as you can. But, that’s often easier said than done.

Yet, what if it could also be done easier than we think? There is, in fact, a right approach to writing homework assignments - and it makes completing them a piece of cake.

Let’s see how you can make your workload lighter.

Why you struggle finishing assignments

Have you ever gotten sucked into some other chore or activity instead of completing an important task?

Maybe you left your homework in the corner while you scrolled through your phone for hours, reorganized your closet, or got sucked into a movie on the TV.

Procrastination is something all people struggle with to various extents.

So what exactly is procrastination?

It’s delaying a task of importance, such as homework, by focusing on other more enjoyable activities. This delay usually lasts until you’re motivated by urgency, at which point the quality of your work may suffer, and it may even be too late to complete an assignment.

Luckily, when you know you’re doing something, you can try to work around it

How to stop procrastinating

There can be various reasons for putting off your homework, but here’s the main one: sometimes, it’s just plain boring.

Difficult and stressful tasks don’t really tickle your brain so much as they poke it with a sharp stick. 

But we have to push forward and sort out our responsibilities. The life of a student also includes doing homework. And, by switching up the way you go about your assignments you can get your bad procrastination habit under control.


A messy environment means a messy mind. Working is made infinitely easier when your workspace is clean, tidy, and quiet. But this goes beyond your workspace. 

Organization means organizing your workload too.

Writing down a schedule of when a certain task will be done can help you stick to it and get more things done on time.

After all, we all love the sweet dopamine rush of crossing something off a to-do list.

Remove distractions

A huge part of avoiding procrastination is avoiding tempting situations. Any distracting objects, such as a smartphone or TV, should be made unavailable during your work time.

If you are struggling to keep your attention and focus on point, or you can’t concentrate on a task, you can try finding a new workplace.

Changing the work environment can help you leave those bothersome distractions behind. 

Set achievable goals

Another reason someone might procrastinate, other than disdain for homework, is fear of inadequacy.

When starting your assignments let go of perfectionist tendencies. What’s important is to keep working and moving along. 

Any progress matters!

Write anything as a rough draft and let it snowball into your final work.

How to remain focused

Once you get over the avoidance of a task, don’t fall back into the trap of putting it off.

Staying focused on your assignments is just as important as getting them started.

It’s the only way you’re ever gonna cross that finish line and complete your homework.

So what are some things you can do to stay in the zone?

Take breaks

Sometimes, you have to work less to work more. 

You may think you’ll get more done by working non-stop, but your productivity levels start to drop after a certain time.

Once you feel your focus is beginning to slip away, the answer isn’t to push through, but instead, to let loose for a bit.

Short breaks between intervals of work will help you manage all your homework assignments, while not going insane, and keeping up a decent tempo.

Reward any progress

Your own body functions on a reward system - use this to your advantage.

Give yourself rewards for completing work. This can mean anything from your favorite snack to a walk to the park, to hanging out with friends after you’ve finished your homework.

Anything that gets you excited and motivated to complete a task works!

In conclusion

Knowing all these tips can help you overcome bad tendencies to put off work. This means your homework can be as difficult or as easy as you make it - that simple. 

By using the right methods, you will get started and keep your momentum through the entire process. 

Start scheduling, stop lagging behind, and get to work!

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