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Faith and Inspiration

Bragging Rights!


When I was a little boy kid, and I caught a big fish, it was something to brag about.

But not anymore. 

Today, fisher-persons; (that is the term to use if you are going to be politically correct, fisher-persons) use fish finders that don’t just tell you exactly where the fish are, but what to use for bait and even how much dynamite to use.

Somehow that don’t seem quite fair. 

Yeah, back then, in the days of yore, it was different. We would catch fish using fishing skills and luck, and whatever you caught would give you bragging rights.

Oh sure, sometimes an unscrupulous fisher-person would resort to techniques that, if not downright illegal, were questionable at best.  Yes, fishing with dynamite was frowned upon back then, too.

Very productive, but generally frowned upon, and the fisher-person resorting to such a dastardly technique had to be careful so as not to fall afoul of the law

I bet you didn’t know that there is a story in the bible about Jesus using a fish finder!   Yep, His buddies had been fishing all night with little or no luck, but in the wee hours of the morning, Jesus felt sorry for them and told them to try their luck on the other side of the boat. The guys, a little skeptical, did what He asked, and the next thing the fishermen knew, their net was so filled with fish that their boat was in danger of sinking!  Wow, Jesus’ friends bragged about what Jesus did that morning for the rest of their lives!

For all of us fisher-persons out there, Papa God is just waiting for us to come to him so He can perform miracles in our lives.

Maybe our boat won’t be in danger of sinking, but then?

Father God, please; speak to our hearts, tell us what to do. We love you, Father, and we need you to lead and guide us through our lives. We thank you for hearing us; in Jesus' wonderful name, we ask this, Amen,

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