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Apopka man shot and killed during shootout with robbery suspect in Alabama


An Apopka man traveling in Alabama with his girlfriend was shot and killed during an attempted robbery. Adam Simjee, 22, a student at the University of Central Florida, was killed in the Talladega National Forest Sunday, the Clay County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) said in a statement.

Yasmine Hider and Krystal Diane Pinkins were charged with murder, kidnapping, and robbery, according to the CCSO.

Adam Simjee, 22, and Mikayla Paulus, 20, were driving on a National Forest Service road when they approached Hider, who asked for help with her car, according to the CCSO. Hider then pulled out a gun and ordered them into the woods.

During the encounter, Simjee pulled out a pistol he was carrying and shot Hider several times, but Hider returned fire. She then called out for help, and Pinkins emerged from the forest before fleeing, according to the CCSO. Simjee died from the wounds sustained in the gunfight with Hider, despite the efforts of Paulus, who was performing CPR on him when authorities arrived.

Simjee and Paulus, also a student at UCF, were about to start their school year.

Pilar Renteria, the organizer of the Simjee family GoFundMe page, talked about Simjee's selflessness in his post.

"Adam, such an intelligent, hard-working, humble, loving human being, was taken from us on Sunday afternoon. While visiting a state park in Alabama, they were flagged down on their way to see waterfalls and asked for help with their car. Adam being the person he is, stopped to help them. He and Mikayla tried to help the woman and even reached out to their family for tips to help get the car started. When nothing else could be done, they offered to get help from the ranger station. This is when she pulled a gun and asked for banking information. When she lowered her guard, Adam pulled his own gun, exchanged fire, and died due to his injuries. Adam died protecting Mikayla and will forever be remembered as a hero. Adam was just 22. He had his whole life ahead of him with Mikayla. With them being so young, no one prepares for things like this, especially at such a young age."
Renteria said he opened the page to help Adam’s family gather funds to cover funeral and burial costs.

To view Adam's GoFundMe page, or to donate, go here.

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  • MamaMia

    I had learned about a murder in a forested park in Alabama, but didn't know any other details. Then later, another day, I was reading what went on, and the article stated the victim was a Central Florida man. Reading on, that he was a UCF student, and finally, that he was a former Apopka High graduate, and an Apopka resident. I was so shocked! I am so thankful his girlfriend wasn't hurt. OMG. I am so sorry that this evil caused him to lose his life. I thought about when my husband and I went vacationing in Birmingham, and up around in the forests. Evil is everywhere, no doubt, even in unexpected places, and cir***stances. God bless his soul, and I pray his girlfriend gets some help for the trauma she endured seeing her boyfriend shot and dying. Bless her, and prayers for both families.

    Thursday, August 18 Report this