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7 Types of Road Mishaps That Can Ruin Your Day


You know how it goes: You're driving down the road, and suddenly, a road mishap occurs. There's a pothole that takes out your tire, a rogue animal leaps into your path, or you're forced to swerve to avoid a distracted driver who didn't see you coming from behind. You have to deal with the consequences of these accidents—whether it's time spent waiting for a tow truck or money spent on expensive repairs.

But what if we told you that you can use the knowledge of various car mishaps on the road to stay more vigilant and perhaps avoid the possibilities of an accident as much as you can? You read that right! This article will discuss the most common car mishaps on the road, so you can be prepared for them and keep yourself safe. Take a look. 


Pothole accidents are drivers' most common—and costly—mishaps. They can cause serious damage to your car, including bent rims, flat tires, and even broken suspension components. And if you're not careful, they can also cause accidents. To avoid potholes, stay alert and keep an eye out for them while you're driving. If you see one in your path, slow down and try to go around it.

Distracted drivers

In today's world, distracted driving is a serious problem. Cell phones are the number one cause of distracted driving, but they're not the only culprit. You can also be distracted by music or a passenger in your car.

 If you're driving with someone else, ensure that person is not distracting you. You must always have your hands on the wheel and should not look away from the road for more than a few seconds. You should also refrain from eating or drinking while driving, as it can lead to choking or spilling your drink on yourself. 

Furthermore, the truck accident lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers Law Firm tell us that if you are hit by a distracted driver, it is important to immediately seek legal counsel to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Animal crossing

We've all had that moment where we see an animal darting across the road, and we have to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting it. While this scenario usually ends okay for both driver and animal, there are times when it can result in an accident. Be on the lookout for animals, especially at dawn and dusk when they're most active. If you see one crossing the road, slow down and be prepared to stop.

Poorly maintained car

An accident due to a poorly maintained car (say the car bumping into a motorcycle or a tree) is one of the most common—and dangerous -- accidents on the road. This can include bald tires, broken lights, or even an engine about to overheat. Always ensure your car is in good working condition before hitting the road. Check your oil level and tire pressure regularly, and don't hesitate to take your car in for service if you think something may be wrong with it.


Driving in adverse conditions can be tricky, whether snow, ice, rain, or fog. The best way to avoid an accident in bad weather is to slow down and give yourself extra time to get to your destination. You should also avoid tailgating, as it increases your chances of rear-ending the car in front of you. Also, ensure your windshield wipers are in good condition so you can see clearly.

Road rage

We've all been there—sitting in traffic, feeling our blood pressure rise as we inch forward slowly. But road rage is not only dangerous for you and the other drivers on the road; it's also illegal. If you find yourself getting angry while driving, take a deep breath and try to relax. Turn on some calming music or take a break if you need to. Remember, Arriving alive is the goal.

Flat tires

A flat tire can happen anytime and usually seem to happen when you're least prepared for it. To avoid a flat tire, check your tires regularly for any signs of wear and tear. If you see a nail or other object stuck in your tire, remove it as soon as possible. You should also keep a spare tire in your trunk if you get a flat.

Final word

Mishaps happen, but that doesn't mean you have to be a victim of one. By following these tips, you can avoid many common road mishaps and arrive safely at your destination.

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