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Everybody is doing the "Preparation H" in Florida this morning (hurricane preparedness) LOL! Other than buying a big pack of toilet paper of 32 rolls, guess what? I just really am not too sure what to do. Will set down hanging baskets, bring in decorative yard flags, but really don't know, will have to wing it. I can't foresee cases and cases of bottled water bought up helping very much. As high as the property insurance rates are now, Lord knows what they will be when they renew again, after this hurricane passes on! I pray this will not be a Andrew type hurricane! No, I won't be going to the liquor store, and bottling up. Been there, done it in the past, before the storms, before, back when my husband worked during the hurricanes, and four of the hurricanes came through here (2004) and I was all alone here at the house with just my pets, and feeling SO ALONE, but I am so done with that type of " hurricane preparing" and thinking, ha ha.....boozing it up during a hurricane really ain't a great idea anyway, but I understand people have their reasons for anxiety relief. Should the power go out, and I can't find ice anywhere, keeping my insulin cool enough is a real concern for me. Last hurricane, all the ice was sold out, and my insulin has to be kept cool, or it is ruined, and insulin is expensive!

From: Weather Alert: Hurricane Ian takes aim at Florida

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