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When I say Apopka...

A question about the community gets 284 responses on local social media site


Ask a simple question, and, well, you might get a lot of positive and negative answers on many different topics. On January 26th, Laura Davis, a member of the social media group "Apopka Rants, Raves, Reviews, News, Etc. - Uncensored", posted a simple question:

"When I say Apopka, what's the first thing that comes to mind?"

The local Facebook page has over 9,500 members and is often a sounding board for the community. And if you are skeptical of that opinion, you need only look at the results of this question. Three days later, the post had 284 comments and 29 likes. And as you might expect, there was an extensive range of positive and negative answers. 

Loosely grouping similar answers, here are the top 10 responses:

  1. Home, Family, Friends, and Great People - 57
  2. Auto Part Stores, Dollar Stores, Fast Food Restaurants - 26
  3. Apopka High, Blue Darters, Football, Baseball - 24
  4. Big Potato - 14
  5. Crime - 13
  6. Foliage Capital of the World/Plants, Nurseries - 12
  7. Dirty, Toxic, Trash - 12
  8. Wekiwa Springs, Rock Springs, Kelly Park - 7
  9. Too much construction, Development - 6
  10. Small town/uncrowded/ lots of space - 5

As expected, restaurants were a topic of discussion on the thread.

"No restaurants, just fast food, no bars/restaurants to go have a cocktail," said Jane Harley. But Megan Garcia pushed back on that assertion.

"Have you been to 5th street lately? Propagate Social House checks all of those boxes for ya! Next door is Three Odd Guys Brewing for food and beer! Apopka is coming into itself!"

There were also many nostalgic memories of Apopka establishments no longer in existence in the thread.

"I do miss the lunch counter at Liggetts and the seemingly random collection of stuff for sale," said Denny Lynn. "They had a little or sometimes a lot of everything. Best hamburger plate ever.

David Pabon is simply grateful that Apopka has not turned into the largest city in Orange County.

"Way less crowded than Orlando but still close to everything!!" 

But Sandra Trussel believes that the growth is pushing her to another community.

"Our home of 33 years that development is forcing us to leave."

Bill Chiklakis had a request for his fellow residents:

"I wish people would stop throwing trash on the side of the road of this fine city," he said. "It shows a lack of respect for Apopka and its citizens. Do better, folks."

Of those comments with a clear opinion, 113 were positive (58%), while 81 were negative (42%). 

Kathy McGuffin Palmere summed it up for many who posted a comment.

"Great friends, fun days at school and on weekends, football games, close community, working for my dad."

Despite the high volume of comments, there were nearly no political references, despite the fact that election day in Apopka is fast approaching. The most referenced politician? Apopka Mayor John Land, with three votes!

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