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Apopka Elections 2022

Three candidates confirm they'll run for Apopka City Commission Seat #3

Becker: "At this time, I have no intention to run"


The special election for Seat #3 on the Apopka City Commission is a long way off, but three candidates have already confirmed their intention to run, while two others have decided, at this time, to pass on the opportunity.

The Apopka Voice has learned that Wes Dumey, Lynetta Johnson, and Eric Mock will file to run for Seat #3 once it is officially announced as a special election. It has also confirmed that former Seat #4 Commissioner Kyle Becker and former candidate for Seat #2 Yesenia Leon Baron are not considering running for the seat.

“At this time, I have no intention of running for Seat 3 when it becomes open for consideration,"Becker said. "I’ll continue to look back fondly on my time serving Apopka from Seat 4, and I will lend support to the candidate that best aligns with a shared vision of where Apopka needs to go.”

Baron, who ran for Seat #2 in the 2021 special election left no room for possibility about the Seat #3 election.

"Thank you for reaching out," she said. "I will not be running this cycle."

Dumey, who lost the Seat #2 election to Commissioner Diane Velazquez, wants to try again because he want  to help Apopka during this critical growth period."

"We are at an inflection point in Apopka," said Dumey. "When I first moved to this city in 2013 (although I regularly  started visiting in 2009), there were around 42,000 residents. We are sitting just a touch under 60,000  today, with many voters being new to the city and even the state of Florida. Everything that the city  commission looks at today needs to be looked at through the lens of “does this improve the citizens’ lives, and how”, as well as “Will I be proud to say, seeing the results in 20 years, that I approved that,  supported that, etc.” Every single thing that happens from today on is a decision that we will have to  live with, much of it for the rest of our lives so there is one shot to get it right."  

Mock, who lost the Seat #4 election to Nick Nesta in March, but he too wants to be a part of its leadership moving forward.

"I like living in Apopka. We have much to be thankful for and opportunities for improvement," he said. "I want to be involved in the decision making process to ensure Apopka continues to be the city that people enjoy living in. I read and hear voices that want Apopka to be more like Winter Garden. I believe what most want is a Plant Street where you can shop, eat and enjoy an outdoor entertainment atmosphere. I believe that is what Station Street was meant to be. Plant Street didn’t happen overnight and neither will Station Street. As business grows, others will want to be part of the growth. Having and sharing the master plan that provides short, mid and long term vision, will provide Apopka residents with the focused vision of development."

Johnson is a first-time candidate for office, and the Director of Operations for Prime Electrical Services. She served in the US Air Force from 1990-2000. In 2012, she was the Senior Contract Administrator for Moog Inc., where she managed the revolutionary aircraft, Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Johnson is running for Seat #3 to support both new and current businesses in Apopka.

"I am running for City Commissioner, Seat #3, because I live here in Apopka. I am a homeowner, parent, and grandparent. I want to keep this town an amazing place to raise a family and I want current businesses to thrive, in addition to welcoming new businesses that will contribute to the City of Apopka and our citizens. I would like to see ONE Apopka, in addition to strategically target the tech industries and business sectors to flourish in Apopka and to create new job opportunities."

The special election for Seat #3 on the Apopka City Commission is likely to coincide with the November 8th, 2022 general election date.  

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