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The most-watched football games of the last decade


Soccer is the most widely played sport in the world, according to the International Olympic Committee. We football supporters know this to be true, but it never hurts to check the records to make sure. This year's World Cup in Russia was seen by more than 3.789 billion people, which is only 50 million fewer people than those who tuned into the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. It should come as no surprise that the Summer Olympics, which includes nearly every sport, is the only real competition for football in terms of spectators.

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The final of the FA Cup in 2020

The FA Cup dates back to 18th-century England. One of the most storied clubs in English football, it has a long and rich history that includes some of the most iconic events in the sport. Many international spectators of the competition don't realize how valuable this event is to English football fans and players, as the competition appears to be a typical cup competition and not a major tournament.

This competition's popularity is largely due to the competition's long history and the FA Cup's format, which permits more than 700 clubs to compete each year for the grand prize. We've seen this before, most recently in 2012-13, when relegation-threatened Wigan won the FA Cup against Man City and was forced to participate in Europe and the lower divisions of English soccer the next year!

Milan Derby 2017

A lot of football enthusiasts are looking forward to this matchup. In the same vein as El Clasico, this is a match that is always a treat to see and is often among the most widely viewed around the globe. Both   have won the Italian championship 18 times apiece, but they were both having a difficult season when this matchup took place, therefore the two teams have always been competitors and foes.

When the kick-off time for the Milan derby was moved to accommodate spectators in Asia, particularly China, it became one the most-watched soccer matches ever, as Internazionale's owners were from there. While 860 million people were predicted to tune in, the exact figure of peak viewers might be significantly lower and in the same range as El Clasico, making this one of the most seen soccer matches of all time, with a peak of 80-150 million views like that.

2020's El Clasico

Because this is the most-watched football game of all time and is always a treat to watch regardless of whether you like or loathe the two clubs involved, you'll inevitably catch an El Clasico. Despite the fixture's rise in popularity in recent years and a half, the origins of this rivalry stretch far further back.

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