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The ipromise pledge and movement

Take the pledge Apopka to advance equity and empower the underserved


Re-imagine Communities is on a mission to advance equity by empowering the underserved and at-risk youth of Central Florida, with a large focus in Apopka. Through mentoring and coaching, education and life-skills training, job readiness training and financial literacy, they are committed to reshaping and redefining our communities one idea at a time. 

What's the iPromise Pledge and Movement?

Re-imagine's iPromise Movement is already in full affect... and while many have jumped on board and taken the pledge that goes hand-in-hand with the movement, many others are still learning about it.

Starting at the beginning, to be part of the iPromise Movement, it starts with taking the iPromise Pledge, which reads in full:

I promise to treat everyone with respect, kindness and love, regardless of race, religion or belief. I promise to never discriminate or bully anyone, but build them up knowing there is strength in unity. I promise to plant seeds of goodness in my community that will grow and make the world a better place.  

This initiative started as a concept to help students during the pandemic. The idea was to address the stress and negativity that was caused from isolation, civil unrest, political divide, and fear, by (a) having students take the pledge, and (b) introducing students to gardening as a way to learn positive behaviors and habits. So, iPromise gardens were created in tandem with the pledge.

The hope is that these iPromise gardens will become a constant reminder of the pledge that youth make to be the change they want to see. But obviously the movement is more than gardening; it is gardening with a purpose. And it's already taken off!

"We have students across the East Coast that have already taken the pledge," shared Shaunte Jemison, Founder and CEO of Re-imagine Communities. "And we have partnered with Wheatley Elementary to help plant our first iPromise garden in Apopka."

She went on to share that during the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce’s "Apopka Serves Day", the Apopka Police Department and volunteers helped revitalize the Toddler's Garden at the First Baptist Church on Highland Avenue in Apopka. The students have now taken pride in their garden, painting rocks for it, and will be incorporating positive lesson plans utilizing the gardens as well.

"The most awesome thing about iPromise is the entire movement concept was created by students," wrote Jemison. "We allowed them to take ownership and to allow their creativity to flow!"

How to get involved

According to Jemison, there is no specific way to promote iPromise. It is a movement that is "personal to everyone". The main goal is to get people to be "cognizant of their actions and realize you are planting seeds each day, whether good ones or bad".

"We are encouraging Apopka to stand with us," said Jemison.  "In partnership with the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce's planting Apopka initiative, individuals can go to our website, take the pledge, and then take their certificate to the Chamber and receive a free plant."

Their goal is to get 50,000 people to take the pledge and post it on social media.

But it's not just for youth!

"We are encouraging our local businesses, churches, social organizations, and residents to stand with our children and take the pledge," said Jamison. "As the children said in our video, “the change starts with us”."

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