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Procrastination: Help for students to fight it


A lot of unfavorable factors combine to prevent us from motivating ourselves to study. Have you already made some attempts to prevent these factors? Maybe you have already set yourself consistent goals and made it a point to study, but then you get distracted? You're probably running out of time. Your enemy is likely procrastination. But you can get help here!

Help, I can't pull myself together!

Procrastination is a challenging behavior that you should definitely do something about. It prevents you from completing your studies successfully and without stress. If we want to vehemently prevent postponement in the long term, this requires dealing with deeper causes. But you probably don't have enough time at the moment to uncover these causes and take action against them. Instead, you need something that works in the short term and gets you started learning right now.

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How can you overcome procrastination fast?

To put it very simply, motivation arises when the goal has a high value for us, and we expect to be able to achieve this goal. So, if you have the confidence in your abilities and know that you can achieve your goal (if you would only study), then you are at least halfway motivated. Often, it's the value of the target needs to be increased. The goal, the good grade, is usually very important to us, but unfortunately, the action that leads us to the goal is often not enough to motivate. There are four components that influence the importance of learning and studying hard for an examu: the importance of achieving the goal for your self-image, the benefit of the action, the interest or pleasure in the action, and the costs associated with achieving the goal. 

The last two factors probably lead to procrastination, as often we don't have much fun learning and don't show much interest in the subject matter. Learning is also associated with high costs: it means we have less time, it requires a lot of effort and strength, and we have to refrain from alternative, more fun things. Therefore, to increase your motivation to learn, you must increase your interest in learning and minimize the costs associated with learning. Luckily, you can do that pretty quickly if you follow these mini hacks.

Mini hacks to increase interest and energy

  • Treat yourself to something special while (and only while) studying. This can be something like candy, a pillow, a playlist, or a pen. The main thing is that you like it and only treat yourself to it when you're learning.
  • Start your day with what you find easiest to study and end it with the topic that interests you the most.
  • Set up a free time account. Set how many hours you have free time each day. Sleeping, eating and other things that are part of the daily routine do not count as free time. You deduct your hours from this amount every day. You can't spend more, but you can of course spend less if you want. During the week you can accumulate hours that you can redeem at the weekend.
  • Cheat Day. Reward yourself once a week for your productivity! Put your study stuff away so you can't see it. At the time of day that you usually study, you don't do it that day! Take 5 hours to do something that has absolutely nothing to do with learning. You are welcome to add the hours you have accumulated from your free time account to this day to give yourself a whole day off.

Why are these mini hacks worth it?

  • You increase your interest in the subject matter.
  • You increase your enjoyment of learning.
  • You start the new day with more confidence and energy.
  • You feel lighter when learning.
  • You have free time that you can afford.

To sum up

Help has been offered to you! Try these mini hacks and you'll see how the smallest of changes can generate interest in learning and the energy to learn. Buy yourself a nice little something to reward yourself with while you study, and let's go!

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