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Could You Kitchen Use a Little Modern Chic?


If you’re looking to improve your home, then sometimes it can pay to focus on one room at a time to make sure that you’re hitting the most important, highly trafficked, and most used parts of the home with your budget. To that end, improving your kitchen is always going to be a priority.

If your kitchen is looking and feeling a little dated, then you might be wondering what you can do to bring some modern flair to it. Here, we’re going to look at a few strategies that can help you add the modern chic that you need to any kitchen or dining space.

Choose slicker flooring

Flooring that feels or looks old is going to make the whole kitchen feel old. One of the biggest shows of age is the laminate floor, which hasn’t been in at least a decade now. If your floor was rolled out, then it might be time to consider replacing it. Of course, when it comes to a kitchen floor, you still need to make sure that you’re choosing floors that are practical, easy to clean, and resilient. Vinyl flooring is one of the best options for this, given its low price point and good qualities for “wet rooms.”

Bring in more light

A room that’s a little darker than it should be is always going to feel a little old-fashioned. Brightness feels more key to the comfortable, modern experience in the kitchen. To that end, you should look at ways to add more light to your space. It might be as simple as adding new light fixtures, be they on the wall or recessed lighting beneath your overhead cupboards. Lighter window treatments such as kitchen blinds can also help you let more natural light into the room, which tends to feel more inviting and fresh.

Smarten it up

What feels more modern than the mindful adoption of new and useful technology? The smart home is becoming a much more common part of the modern home, and a lot of people find it can be particularly useful to install it in the kitchen. A smart home includes a central control device (typically referred to as the smart home) as well as several connected devices that allow it, and you, by extension to control them remotely. It can be connected to your lighting, your HVAC, your blinds, and even your locks. Take a closer look at how to set up a smart home and see if your kitchen could use a little future tech.

Rethink your seating

If we think about how we use the kitchen when it comes to modern dining, then you might realize that the experience of sitting around the table at the same time is not as common as it used to be. As such, it might be worth rethinking your sitting to turn your kitchen into more of a casual communal space, rather than worrying about how you’re going to seat the dining table. Options like rattan bar stools allow for a lot more flexibility. You can sit at the dining table, at the island, or at the kitchen counter with a lot more convenience, and it’s much easier to store them away when they’re not in use, making for a more minimalist touch to the kitchen, which is very much the rage, these days.

Upgrade your storage

Minimalism is the style, nowadays, as mentioned. But it doesn’t mean you have to start throwing out everything in the kitchen. You can achieve a touch of style by being more mindful of how and where you store things in the kitchen. For instance, you can make use of more vertical storage with things like shelves, knife magnets, or hooks on the inside of cabinet doors, allowing you to keep the countertops clean and clear.

Update your cabinets and hardware

If you’re looking to modernize the look of a kitchen, then aside from the floors, the one surface you should be thinking about more than any other is the cabinets and hardware throughout the space. There are a lot of ways to update the look of these, such as painting over them and giving them a new finish. Of course, choosing new cabinets is going to have much more of an impact, but also much more of an expense.

When you’re upgrading the kitchen, it’s always important to ensure that it fits your practical needs, first and foremost. However, with the above tips, hopefully, you can tick that box while still improving the style of the room to keep it up to more modern standards.

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