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The Race for 39

Bankson is ready for the fight to represent Apopka in the Florida Legislature


Yes, the election season is upon us, and we are in the thick of things as volleys fly and plots thicken. The nation itself is still in shock at the unprecedented late-night raid on a former president as we see our own government weaponizing against its citizens. Trust is eroding and fears are emerging as people from both sides of the proverbial aisle wrestle with their thoughts and wonder who or what to believe. Vastly different pictures are painted depending on what media you listen to, and social media continues to eviscerate from behind the screen. 

It’s here that I find myself assaying the battlefields of political dissension, and yet still believing that I can make a difference. I still believe that we can come back to sanity and find solutions. I still believe in being a voice of the people. Where there is hope, there is light to see; there is a picture to frame our faith and forge our future.

So why am I running? I’m running to make a difference; I’m running to be that voice. 

As a 30 plus year resident of our district, I’ve come to know our unique needs as a people, from our agriculture to our small businesses; our economic challenges and overcrowded schools; our rapid growth and housing needs; our industries and utilities; our families, churches, neighborhoods and sports teams; our first responders and health care workers; our veterans and our seniors; our waterways and wildlife; our past and our future. I see both the challenges and great potential, and I want to make sure we have a seat at the table and that our voice is heard.

As a six-year city commissioner, I’ve proven my leadership while being thoughtful, hearing all sides, and making the best decisions without compromising my principles. I stand for fiscal responsibility, and for providing the best services with the least waste at the lowest cost to the tax paying public. I’ve supported common sense, and have voted against budgets that were not in the people's best interest, proving I have the strength of conviction and backbone to lead. 

I know how to work together, and I’m not afraid to stand alone.

I’ve weathered the storms of false attacks and can take the heat without breaking a sweat (and no, I don’t support amnesty or defunding the police, regardless of what the wacky texts and fliers say.) 

I’m ready for the fight. 

I’m ready to fight for Constitutional freedom, liberty, and justice for all; to fight against socialism and social experimentation on our children; against corruption from the state house to the court house. I’m ready for the fight to protect life from conception to natural conclusion, and the fight for every family to live free and pursue their dreams.

And that’s what its really about. The freedom to raise our families and pass along the values that make us free; to love God and our fellowman; and to work together for a brighter future.

POL ADV Paid for & approved by Doug Bankson, a Republican candidate for Florida State House District 39

Apopka City Commissioner Doug Bankson, Florida State House District 39, Florida Legislature, Apopka


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